Build beautiful docs and blog sites with Remix

Save tons of time and effort with customizable components and utilites

npm install @i4o/rescribe

Build sites faster

Everything you need to build excellent documentations

Easy to use
Copy-paste some code, customize it to your liking, and you have a feature-rich documentation site in minutes.
Built for Remix
Leverage the intuitiveness of Remix's file-based routing and built-in MDX support to build fast docs and blog sites.
Out-of-the-box components
Enhance the UX of your docs site with components like Cards, Callouts, and more.
Zero-config full-text search (coming soon)
Give your users blazing fast full-text search without writing any code.
Simple I18n (coming soon)
Create docs in different languages by naming directories with locales and Rescribe will take care of the rest.
Versioning (coming soon)
Maintain different versions of your docs for your apps, APIs, or libraries.

Built by i4o.